Beat News: June 3 1996

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1. Happy 70th birthday Allen Ginsberg!

2. Allen is probably bummed, though, about Timothy Leary's death this past weekend. An interesting piece of info here: one of Leary's last phone calls, a few hours before he died, was to William S. Burroughs. Leary told Burroughs: "I hope someday I'll be as funny as you are."

3. This is way overdue: I'm going to spend the next few months reviewing and updating all the pages in LitKicks. Some of the info is out of date, and some areas need work -- hopefully things will start shaping up real soon. I'm keeping the basic design the same, though (I think). I never liked the look of frames, and even though I do know Java and Shockwave, I just don't see that stuff fitting in here. If anyone has thoughts on this, though, send them along.

4. Coming soon: a pretty impressive photo-essay/walking-tour of Neal Cassady's Denver, contributed by Andrew Burnett.

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