Beat News: June 23 1995

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I forgot to announce this earlier, but the third episode of Enterzone is out. Enterzone is marginally beat-related, but that's really just an excuse -- I'm announcing it here because I like it, and also because I'm in it. Martha Conway's Drugs is one of my favorite stories in this episode.

Another marginally beat-related thing I like a lot is Malcolm Humes' work on the web. Malcolm does the William S. Burroughs web site (listed below), and has also been exploring some obsessive graphical ideas lately, often involving meat, cheese, photos of the seashore, romance novels, public-domain porn and Netscape server-pushes. His home page is here.

Both Malcolm and the Enterzone people are independent web artists (like me). The business world has really been going wild on the web lately, hasn't it? I hear about huge commercial web ventures constantly now. But some of us aren't doing this to cash in -- and we were here first. And we're not leaving, either!

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