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LitKicks has been inviting poets to submit their work for public review and response since 2001. To celebrate the end of 2007, we'd like to revisit the poems published on LitKicks this year. LitKicks will be back with new articles, book reviews, Book Review reviews, author interviews, literary news coverage and analysis and new poetry in early January. Happy Holidays!


22 Responses to "Action Poetry 2007"


best news for the coming new year... came here to ask about action poetry, found the answer ...

by Steve Plonk on

Best wishes on your new "platform". Looking forward to posting more poetry next year.

by Duncan Brown on

Said it before, The Future Poetry looks beautiful. What's been and gone is pure John Keats's mirror.With Litkicks and Action Poetry, literature has never been so well served.It's a Renaissance thing of beauty.

by JaimeF on

The Best is yet to come... Long live Litkicks!

by michaelamichael on

Well, as you flick through there are so many voice to hear, so many positive or pained voices. So much talent. It is not all polished, not all of it. But so much of it is good and worth something. I do not know how hard it would be to do such a thing, but I would say you could release a very good collection of poems from some of these selections, an actual paper book I mean.


Well, at least I supplied the only Litkicks ghazal of '07, once again living up to my (bad) reputation for uniqueness--something undesirable nowadays, it seems.

by Levi Asher on

Michael -- we have released a book of Action Poetry and other LitKicks writings! It's done fairly well, actually (fairly well for a poetry book, anyway). Check the left nav on this page, or go to Amazon and search for "Action Poetry".

by michaelamichael on

Yes, Levi, I have the book. I meant something from the more recent posts.

by Steve Plonk on

I noticed that you also have some poems from 2006.

by Sylph on

This is great, gives me a chance to read some works I might have otherwise missed.

Looking forward to the new year here at Litkicks


by Pito on

I liked the wordplay in that ''St. Lucy'' poem with Sunday (the day of the week) and Sundae (the food item).

by Levi Asher on

Michael -- okay, got it. I just couldn't turn down a chance to plug the book. I agree that there have been many book-worthy poems published since the first book, many new and very original voices. I hope there will eventually be a follow-up volume, and maybe the new software (which will allow poets to identify their favorites from the other published poems) will help to make this possible by making it easier to find the poems that readers most value.

Steve, you say some poems from 2006 are popping up here? That's not supposed to happen, but I suppose stranger things have happened. I'd check the software, but I don't have time, so I think we'll let it ride ...

by subterranean soul on

its been a great few years of posting on this site
looking forward to the new year and some more insight from the depths


I keep checking of these days we'll have our action poetry.....wired

by walter on

Hello, lost and found souls, playmates of mind
and life,
hello Levi:

just 'couldn’t turn down the chance' .. to
wish You All a happy time 'between the years ! -
and a great start into 2008 ! -
maybe I'll try the new platform if my nerves refrain a bit more from bingling in jells and from giving You only pains and confusion .. maybe ..

Anyway: all the best and lively success with everything -
thanks !
perhaps listen to some Arvo Pärt in between ..RR

by ed siejka on

Thank you Levi and thank you Lit Kicks. The best for 2008.

by tony swivel iro... on

nice collection. looking forwardly,


keep on

I hope this new Action Poetry 'platform' will be something more conducive to a poem's appropriate presentation on the page, and will allow the potential viewer/reader greater accessibility. I'm pretty sure that for every time an Action Poetry poem was visited over the past year, a poem at a site like Outsider Writers was visited 40 to 50 times.


thoughts meandering
winding the roots
antlers attached
antennae searching
for to Jam!!!!

by Duncan Brown on

'Lang may your lum reek'
Ne'erday greetings to all.

Her cranberry red hair
and pedal pink lips,
with the creeping style
of a dark and reflexive flower.

His blue jeans and platforms
advance slender strength,
They are software using hardware to
share Chinese fare in an art deco corner.

Silver glasses clink,
devoted cyber-techs toast
their new years Linux gear launch for
a clear tomorrow, both peers and lovers.

by dlt on

Nice seeing
Immortal words again