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Action Poetry: The Book
Action Poetry: Literary Tribes
for the Internet Age

Action Poetry: The Book

Action Poetry: The Book

"this poem goes 10,000 times faster than speed
this poem is 5 days jail time"

"It would have been simpler just to be miserable. He wanted that, he needed that. Not misery, but simplicity. Water slipped down his face and through his hair. He let his head hang and the water dripped down the strands that hung in his view. Being happy again felt like pain."

"made of all the gold
made of all the silver
made of all the wheat
and of all the earth
made of all the water
of the seawaves"

"For the first time ever, I felt like a normal person. The warden makes me feel this way. I want to stay here with him and I hope that I'm not already too far gone. I think of what Lenny said, "I know I'll die young, but it is like kissing God""

"baby fat blonde the crowds called Sapphire
because it was spelled out behind her
on a black velvet backdrop in sputtering
tubes of violent blue. It spits static at her
bare back, bites at her skin with electric teeth,
drawing sweat that smells of blood and
friction. She sways, seductive on rooted feat,
runs a dry tongue over nervous lips and thinks
of chapstick, or warm milk in a plaid thermos."

"You collect memories like postage stamps, yellowed and curling, in perfect rows, hidden and completely useless."

"I'm writing this poem instead of getting drunk"

"Who could believe there was no speed limit in Montana? Pictographs on road signs showed squiggles of high winds teetering trucks onto wheel's edge. The horizon was a western movie starring only me."

"I am a big round dial with thirty-two positions and all of them are off."

"Our words swirled with the smudges of charcoal dripping from the sky. We'd tasted our beauty as it darted in and out of shadows before, but never like this. Human had never truly melted with sky before. Our beauty had never flowed so freely, so deeply. We'd never tasted on another like this."

"you are dry as crabgrass there is nothing to you
you are crabgrass & vodka on a tray in a lunch room
pointless purgatory of yer inaction & disappointment
you are vapid, inert, poised to do something"

"Outside, the grass was wet with morning dew and the daisies, tulips and lilies slowly stretched their petals open to embrace the approaching light. The quiet void slowly gave way to the sounds of a new day, the birds, small animals and insects, in their own voices, announcing the arrival of the sun. And I despise it."

"i feel a growling beat
i am but a stain
groping for
(and the rain
and the door
and a sea in a tree)"

"I wished I felt heartbroken, and the fact that I couldn't made me sad. He had a beautiful face, all the elements of it were so wrong, but he was somehow so perfect. Maybe I loved him once. Maybe I loved him now. But I knew I hadn't, and I didn't, and so I took a sip of my coffee, growing cold in my cup."

"the sun peaks tender and orange
over empty iowa fields
it is in these moments
when the silence
is an encyclopedia of verses
that i breathe slowly
and hear our footsteps
on the kitchen floor:
ba-da-da ba-da-da
waltzing away"

"People can be very protective of their beliefs. That's why we package everything here in metal cans. Some places will sell you beliefs wrapped in tissue or plastic -- or even loose off the shelf. But not at Belief Warehouse."

"parking softly at the stoplight
singing gently to the moonlight
tap tapping on the dashboard
fondling the seat cover
shouting a single line
"you are your mother"
(johnny cash
rakes for the handless man
and a mouth flooded with glue"

"Well, then, y'dumb stooge, you didn't hump her. You have to be naked to hump a girl!"

"branches beckon
luscious fruit beguiles
nectar burst bliss"

"The primacy of poetry as a natural form of brain activity also makes sense from a functional point of view. Rhythm and phrasing and tonal coloring endow thoughts with pleasurable sensory connotations, allowing them to glide smoothly through neural pathways. Consider the fact that your brain can store the lyrics to hundreds of songs, while you probably couldn't memorize three paragraphs of Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason without tremendous effort."

"keep ya mind open
monopoly has a jail"

Action Poetry: Literary Tribes for the Internet Age is available on, and through Barnes & Noble.

Action Poetry is a paperback book published by Authorhouse/Literary Kicks.
Editors: Levi Asher, Jamelah Earle, Caryn Thurman.
Price: $17.50 (plus $3.50 shipping).
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches
220 pages
ISBN #: 1418497800