Philosophy Weekend: A Message From Sappho

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I'm on vacation today. But you came to visit and I don't want to leave you with nothing, so here's a verse from Sappho. Last week I attended a poetry reading where somebody read these lines onstage, and they stuck in my head:

Some say an army of horsemen,
some of foot soldiers, some of ships,
is the most beautiful thing on this black earth,
but I say it is what one loves.

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by Claudia on

Levi, I hope you and family enjoy the fourth of July vacation. Speaking of Sappho did you know that the French singer (of Greek descent) Angelique Ionatos made an album of spectacular music out of Sappho's verses? I think you'd enjoy listening to it. Here's a link to a video I made featuring one of my favorite poems set to music by Ionatos, the one Sappho wrote for her little girl:

The spirit of the Greeks that is deplored here is also carried on by such phenomena as the Call of Duty videogames that portray violence as a self-glorifying pastime. What do you think?

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.....that was a guy named kyle who waited patiently for over an hour to read and ended up being remarkable i felt Levi......

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